Sunday, April 15, 2007

where lines are immortal

life is full of fantastic fullfillment .The person having passion towards his creation can creat any thing of his its trure to to every aspect of life .so art and drawings too .An artist or an animator spents his life to make his work alive.Imortal,in this mortal wordly possetions .only one thing does remain for ever that the beauty and the creaton which give fun and fullfill life.
And as an animator put life into nonliving things life long without stopping even if stand against all odds of life. He can use every second of his life for act of animation.while sleeping deams the concept,while walking through nature he study the nature ,while animating he uses his concept int reality by animating by putting life to his nonliving scribbles.
Realy a great way to live fullest .

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